The email that I sent out on my last working day


This is the text of the email I sent out to colleagues on my last working day at KPMG.


Today is my last working day at KPMG. As some of you may know, I’ll be ‘starting up’ something of my own – into the content design and related space.

When I tell this to people, I feel they see it as - getting funded, acquired and having an innovative product. The actual experience is like starting a ‘kirana’ store – the market is crowded, it is not something new and you don’t expect to be the next Zuckerberg. But you have to start somewhere, right? (:

There are times when I felt bad about moving out, especially when I recall the interesting conversations I’ve had with some great minds here. But then, the push for experimenting with my career was slightly higher.

Looking back, I now realise that, all that I have learnt here, being a part of KPMG, is something that will help me immensely going forward. My interactions with all of you have also shaped my professional and personal perspectives. Thanks for being a part of this amazing journey. Do stay in touch – the world is a small place, I am sure our paths will cross again.

Regards, Jitin Nair