Game Review - That Level Again & That Level Again 2


What if you had to work through a series of levels of a game which play out in the same setting, the same room with a black and white character? (No, this is not LIMBO, I’m talking about)

LIMBO is a fine game, but here is a similar game. Although not visually and artistically as pleasing as LIMBO, it is a challenge and fun to play.

On the Play Store, both the original and its sequel are rated quite high. The puzzles in every level make you think in some unique and creative ways. Once in a while, specially as you start playing, you do get stuck. For all these times, you get a hint by watching a quick ad.

There were a few negative reviews for the game. All of those review pointed out the fact that the concept of the game is not new. I played the original game, but the design is, in my opinion, way different.

Do give it a try! That Level Again and That Level Again 2